Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Path To Less, Update 4: A Tough Road!

Simplification is probably the most complex resolution I have ever made. The physical part is the easy part, relatively (see previous post and photos). De-cluttering a space is simply a matter of moving stuff from one place to another -- redistribution and disposal. Simplifying your life, de-cluttering your time is another issue entirely. 

In my resolution post, I stated my passions as:
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Work  
With the honest knowledge that in terms of realistic prioritization, work rises to the top and everything else follows. A reasonable expectation. My difficulty, though, lies in the micro-environment of my personal expectations of myself within each of the five passions. I expect myself to be, if not the best, then highly successful at each. At work I want to know more about research ethics and regulation, and to be better able to apply that knowledge than most in the field. In photography I want to have as much knowledge of the technology, along with the capacity to apply it as possible -- to make art in still images that strikes at the core of emotion, and expresses a crystal clear vision. Musically, I want to perform and compose songs that inspire hope, raise spirits, reveal truth, and entertain. I want to write the great American novel, blog, short story, poem or (and) lyric. I want to read sufficiently to learn the great truths, stories, philosophies, histories, and biographies ever conceived. Other than these things, I don't expect much...

So my task is to pick and choose. To limit my expectations. To focus to the point of becoming, even at a year or two beyond midlife, the master of the few rather than the toiler at the many. I suspect that most of us face some version of these choices. Are passions analogous to the the object that we cleared out of the spare bedroom? Do black and white choices always need to be made? Stick around and maybe we'll figure it out. Maybe it's not so..... simple.

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