Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Little More Music...

Short of having the capability of embedding music files directly into this blog -- and in response to a few folks expressing some interest in hearing more and old Muse's tunes, I went ahead an signed up for my own MySpace Music page and uploaded a few of my unreleased solo recordings. These are songs that I had recorded at Acoustic Music Production in West Palm Beach when the Ashley Gang band (see posts and links below) was working on our second album. They are just me and my guitar -- all my own compositions based on real events.

"Home for the Healing" is based on Florida Author Patrick Smith's unfortunate experience during a north Florida winter road trip.

"WalMart of Her Dreams" was inspired by the tale told by a co-worker of mine whose wife was so anxious for the opening of a new Super WalMart near their home that she would watch the construction progress from her car.

"Cat" was inspired by an old yellow ferrule male feline who frequently visited our yard in vane attempts to woo our female house cat. Both have long since departed this world, but the song is left behind.

You can find them HERE.   I'll probably put up more over time -- some from the same sessions, and some from my 1996 solo album. And if you haven't already, please drop by the Ashley Gang's MySpace page here to check out songs from the whole band.

I'll also have a new photography website up in the next couple of weeks -- will keep you appraised of where to find it in the days ahead. And yes, this is all part of my life simplification project for 2009 -- just a couple more pieces of the puzzle falling into place.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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I am a lover of children's literature said...

I visited your MySpace page and you sound great, really great! I love your voice, and it's a shame you can't embed them on your blog. Seems to me that their must be a way somehow to do it, but damn if I know what it is.

Keep up the great work!