Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Path To Less, Update 3: The Healing Power of Music

Some things you just have to deal with. Monday morning I flew to the Philadelphia area on business -- it was snowing and cold... but necessary. I love my job. Really. Every day I have the opportunity to have a positive impact upon the future of pediatric health care through the facilitation of biomedical research. Regardless of the altruistic value of that part of my life, it involves stress. Travel, personalities, deadlines, emergencies, ethics -- pressure to do the right thing. Part of the simplification process is making room for the necessity of job stress, and decompressing as a method of managing that stress. In addition to my love of photography -- this is how I do it...

That's me in the Middle, Michelle the goddess of vocal harmonies and fretless acoustic bass on the left, and Al, the king of Florida songwriting on the right -- three of five members of the Ashley Gang. This past Saturday we performed at the Women's Club in Eustis Florida -- a charming little town with a great music scene. There was a time when we did this virtually every weekend -- we were younger and gas was cheaper. But there was something special about this one.. I got lost in the performance.. in the music... found new meaning in the playing, in the singing, in the friendships. What a blast! The place was pretty much full -- friends and family from Orlando showed up -- we received a standing ovation at the end . Refreshing and fulfilling -- a wide awake meditation...
So here we all are... Michelle, me, Al, Mrs. Muse, and norm -- the most dangerous man in folk music (wielding an accordion or playing percussion on pans and assorted kitchen utensils and African instruments). This, above all else is what refreshes me and stirs my creative juices. If you're ever in Florida, come out and hear us some time... Simple.

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I am a lover of children's literature said...

Man, I really wish I could have been there to see and hear you all sing - you guys are great!

Trust me, if I ever get the chance I will certainly make a concerted effort to hear and see you guys perform.

It's great that you can't make the time to do something that you love, and if you ask me - you guys should be on America's Idol - you would win for sure!