Sunday, August 1, 2010

Riverside Guitar Quartet

We had the distinct pleasure last evening of attending a concert by Jacksonville's Riverside Guitar Quartet, directed and organized by our old friend and guitar virtuoso Don Casper (above). These four talented musicians performed an impressive range of styles, from baroque to ragtime to rock. I took my D700 along to get some practice shooting a low-light indoor concert setting. Glad I did...

I chose to do 75% of the shooting in black and white to better capture the moodiness of the classical vibe in the room, and I also shot almost exclusively with available light in order to avoid the distraction of a flash on the concentration of the players. The high ISO - low noise capability of the 700 is really quite impressive. (Click on any of the photos for a larger view).

These are the first few that I have processed (it was a late night last night and I haven't had much time). It was a difficult room to shoot in as there is no stage, making unimpeded visual access to the performers difficult. That said -- this was a truly wonderful concert and a rare opportunity. Jacksonville is fortunate to have players of this caliber around to add to our cultural diversity. If you EVER have the opportunity to hear these gentlemen together or as solo guitarists, please take advantage. Your ears will be delighted.
You will find their website here. And you can listen to them through this link. I highly recommend the Sonata in C Major.

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Karen Gladys Henry said...

Great job on these! Small live venues are really hard to shoot, esp with the difficult lighting! Thanks for the link. Sorry I haven't kept up with your blog, I've been quite busy. Wondering if you finished and released your latest CD. I'll look through here and find out.