Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Florida, Nature's Way...

What may be the opposite of Disney World (see previous post)? A weekend of primitive camping with family and friends, six miles deep into the Seminole State Forest. Not another human in sight,we camped in a stand of live oaks near a pine wood and a small pond. I saw more deer than people, and more pine warblers than cars. There was sign that at least one black near was near at night, but we never did spot one.

It was a bit cold for Florida -- 40ish at night. but our fire provided plenty of warmth. We could hear the occasional car from the road six miles to our south and a few planes overhead. Other than that the stillness and quite was amazing. Of course we made a bit of our own noise with a guitar at the campfire and a choir of smoke choked voices (cleansed with a pretty fine bottle of wine, or two, or three....)

The photo at right is the road in to our camp, roughly five mile from civilization. The one immediately below is the pine woods at about 3:00 p.m. as the autumn sun rides low... The rest speak for themselves, I think.

A Light in the Forest

A Pine Warbler making an effort to understand my attempt at bird sounds

My brother-in-law reading fireside

Well, it was the weekend of the Ohio State Michigan game, afterall...Go BUCKS!

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Richard Martyniak said...

wow, the 'light in the forest' pic is outstanding! I miss getting away and inward, though I blessed to see some interesting things while doing stinging insect work at ALL Florida Bee Removal. Thanks for the story.