Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nature's Fireworks

I am one of those unusual Americans who just doesn't much care for the usual fourth of July fireworks displays -- especially the neighborhood another-spent-bottle-rocket-on-the-roof kind that started on our street before July even turned its page on the calendar. I startle easily - always have. Never cared for sudden explosive noise. I don't like the crowds. I'd like to think that the celebration of our patriotism can be rooted in something other than recalling the sounds and sights of warfare. That's not to say that I won't be flying old glory on the front of the house -- we do at every opportunity. I just prefer my freworks to be of a subtler, more peaceful, serene and natural variety. Like this....

My choice for celebrating our Independence Day is to honor those who gave their lives for my freedom by sharing the gifts of beauty and creativity that their sacrifice provided me the opportunity to capture. God bless America! Have a safe and happy 4th no matter how you choose to spend it, or wherever you are.

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