Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nature Made Art

Louise was pleased that April had finally arrived and that Spring was full-speed ahead in north Florida. So pleased in fact, that she rushed back to the old house to make her best attempt to draw Arthur away from television (it was the Dodgers against the Braves, you see), and force him across the 300 feet of their backyard to the bluff. She loved the wild daisies that grew there on the top of that 30 foot high incline, dipping at something greater than a 45 degree angle into the currently high-tide, shore- hugging water of the St. Johns river. She particularly enjoyed the way the blossoms would move upon their spindly stems to stare face-first into the sun from sunrise in the east, to sunset in the west, backs turned to the old grove house while paying homage to the river and to the fading light.
Arthur's beloved Braves were up four to one late in the game, and so he agreed, with some reluctance, to leave the boys of summer behind for the flowers of spring. Arm-in-arm the two of them glided slowly across the yard to the edge of the bluff, and , each leaning on opposite ends of the bench put there by their grandchildren, admired their wildflower garden on the bluff.
"Look at those daisies, would ya, art? Happiest flowers ever made. Nature's artwork I'll say." Louise remarks.
"Wonder if that ol' gator'll be back this year." Arthur replies, "Sure keeps the neighborhood dogs under control".

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Hootin' Anni said...

Gorgeous....and your riverwalk reflections is outstanding too.