Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In The Beginning

Each journey begins with the first step. Walking on the moon. Walking off a cliff. Stretching out one's cognitive and scribing skills at my age by starting a blog...

My age? Fifty-five as of last week. About 30 years more advanced chronologically than most bloggers whose work I read regularly. But, that's what this is all about: proving (to no one but myself, really) that life, creativity, exploration and adventure all go on, and potentially get even better, at this point in one's life. So for this first brief foray into the blogosphere, a wee bit about me.

My name is Paul. I am married (to the same amazing woman for 32 years now), and we have 2 daughters and two grandsons. I work in the health care field, primarily in the area of human research ethics and regulation though I also engage in medical ethics work, and have been an administrator. I hold a Master of Science degree in health science administration. So that's "work" -- and while gratifying, fulfilling, enjoyable, valuable to society, and intellectually stimulating -- is not my "passion". My passions are art, primarily in the two forms that I personally create; music and photography, and conservation of the natural environment - principally Florida's natural heritage.

I end this first post with a small taste of my combined love of nature and photography. With no commitment to post regularly (time is still a precious comodity), but a promise to get to it when I can. Thanks for stopping by.

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Wystful1 said...

Oh my goodness.
That is one of the most stunning photographs I've ever seen on a person's blog!!

I'm here from the Bloggers Over 50 blog roll, and I'll just ask you to let me know when you have the blogroll up on your sidebar. When that is complete, I'll then add your blog's name and url in the list of members. [this is for all the other bloggers who go blogroll hopping to have the members' list handy to go to the next one in line]

Happy to meet you.