Saturday, May 8, 2010

Promise Kept....

As promised in the previous post -- the following is a photo of yours truly after today's St. Baldrick's Foundation event to raise funds for children's cancer research... EGAD!

Not exactly the album cover shot I was looking for -- for it was worth every shorn hair on my head. My donors contributed around $500! Thanks to those who contributed! The total contributed for today's event is not in yet-- but certainly in excess of $20,000. There are many newly bald heads to go with those dollars.

In these hard times, when so many worthy causes are competing for your charity, I am humbled by your gifts. If you are interested in contributing to this chrome dome's cause, It's not too late... just click here.

1 comment:

I am a lover of children's literature said...

Wow! Not only have you kept your promise, but you really look good ... you actually look , for some reason , you look really, really young!

Hmmm.... maybe I should get my hair chopped off as well? Nah.... now that I think of it, this turkey is much too chicken to do that!