Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saint Johns Riverkeeper Eco-Heritage Cruise

Sunrise at Astor, Florida

Mrs. Muse and I spent the last two days on our river... 115+ miles from Palatka, up river to Astor (day one), and Astor to Sanford (day two). We were impressed by both the natural beauty of our most important natural resource, and the fragility of it. It ain't what it used to be, and she faces threats from development and misguided water-use plans that could easily ruin her (and so much that we take for granted) very quickly... Here are a few starter photos. More coming.

Entrance to Lake George, From the north.

A Florida Alligator, sunning on the river bank

A manatee in the spring run at Blue Spring

Reflections of the coast in Murphy's Creek


Lidia said...

The photographs are beautiful and I know what a wonderful trip you must have had. We've rented a house boat and cruised the St Johns on several vacations and they are without a doubt the most wonderful experiences I've ever had.

I am a lover of children's literature said...

What can I say - this is one beautiful spot! Like the Saint John river here in Canada, it's a treasure that I only wish more would come to appreciate and protect. We at least don't have alligators to worry about and I'm glad that you and Mrs. Muse enjoyed the experience. Someday I must get to visit myself.