Thursday, May 1, 2008

Music To My Eyes

I consider myself fortunate to be able to combine my two primary hobbies -- music and photography -- when I attend and perform at Florida's many outdoor acoustic music festivals. The photo at right was taken while an informal group of 3 or 4 musicians was just hanging out an playing together beside the old school building at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement last weekend. There is artistry and Art everywhere you look at these gatherings. Nothing moves me more than the elegant turn of a phrase that cuts strait to the heart. The Art of language is a powerful tool. The precision of a guitar players fingers drawing just the right note, right tone, right volume, from the gold and silver strings that run the fret board can turn me to utter awe. The Art and strength of the skilled player is an emotional catalyst. Then there is the beauty in the sculptured wood and wire of the player's instruments. The one-of-a-kind hand-crafted creations that are Art unto themselves, played or unplayed -- kinetic and potential energy. The last I will mention here is the varied sounds of the vocal artist. The singer of the words -- sweet, deep, high, low, rough, refined, wild. The ultimate human expression of emotion, connection, separation, joy, despair. I do consider myself a lucky man to be part of this world. Both observer and participant, artist and critic, creator and audience. And the best of it all is the friendships -- passing and lasting -- that arise out of this Art experience. I have shared in the rich rewards of friendship -- and that's good enough for me... a song lyric. Lucky indeed.


Tim said...

Outstanding post. One of the things I plan on doing after finishing law school is learning to play the guitar. I have played the trumpet since the 6th grade but have always enjoyed the sound of the acoustic guitar and just have to learn! You are so right about nothing being better than a good phrase that cuts to your core - there is truly nothing better!

ThePres6 said...

Beautiful post!